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TOUR 335: Strategic Management

Helpful resources and databases for conducting industry research in TOUR 335.


The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a system for classifying production units by type of economic activity. It was developed by the statistical agencies of Canada, Mexico and the United States in order to facilitate the collection, tabulation, analysis and dissemination of industry statistics and allow three-country uniformity and comparability of such data. NAICS is also widely used by government agencies, trade associations, public and private sector businesses and various other organizations." - Statistics Canada.

NAICS Example

Identifying the NAICS code for Whale Watching

  • 48-49 - Transportation and warehousing (Sector)
  • 487 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation (Subsector)
  • 4872 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water (Industry Group)
  • 48721 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water (Industry)
  • 487210 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water (National Industry)

The NAICS code for Whale Watching is: 

  • 487210 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation, water

Note: Some databases only search by the full six digit NAICS code. 


Identify NAICS Code

To identify the NAICS code for a particular industry, either Google the industry followed by NAICS or review the Statistics Canada link below: 

Search by NAICS Code

Many resources organize information based on NAICS codes. Use the NAICS code for your industry to search the resources below.

(Note: Business Source Complete only searches by the full six digit NAICS code).