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BMKT 161

Research guide for BMKT 161 Environmental Scan

Economic Research

"Economy: income, expenditures, and resources that affect the cost of running a business or a household." Kerin, R., Edwards, G., Tibbo, G. (2005). Marketing: The core. McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Toronto. (p. 61).


  • What is the current state of B.C. or Canada's economy? Inflationary or recessionary?
  • Is there evidence that consumers are spending more or less?
  • What might be happening to global economic conditions that might impact local economic conditions?

Select Resources

Economic Indicators

Economic factors heavily influence all industries and other facets of our lives.The major banks provide some free online analysis. Search Business Source Complete or CBCA Reference for country reports on Canada or other nations. 

Technological Research

"Technology, a major environmental force, refers to inventions or innovations from applied science or engineering research." Kerin, R., Edwards, G., Tibbo, G. (2005). Marketing: The core. McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Toronto. (p. 62)


  • What technology is being developed in the business/product/service area that I am researching?
  • What other technology is in the market place that may impact the consumer and/or business/product/service I am researching?