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BMKT 161

Research guide for BMKT 161 Environmental Scan

Library Database Tip

Remember that Statista often has dossiers pulling together all available data and stats for large publicly traded companies. You can also search Business Source Ultimate with a company name to find news stories, press releases, and SWOT analyses.

Competitive Research

"Competition: Alternative firms that could provide a product to satisy a specific market's needs." - Kerin, R., Edwards, G., Tibbo, G. (2005). Marketing: The core. McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Toronto. (p. 65).


  • Who are the direct and/or indirect competitors of business/product/service that I am researching?
  • What are the leading companies in the business/product/service area that I am researching?
  • What other businesses are operating in the geographic area?

Lists & Rankings

Various media and organizations will list and rank companies according to certain topics, metrics, and surveys.

Annual Reports

Annual reports from incorporated (public) companies are distributed to shareholders and, generally speaking, are required by regulations. Typically annual reports include audited finanical statements and information on the company's performance.

TIP: Look for the MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis) in annual reports. MD&As will provide "information to the reader that management believes is useful in understanding the company’s operating results, cash flows, and financial condition" (Full Disclosure Background, 2006).


Use directories to identify companies within industries, and to learn more about the companies such as locations, histories, and employees, officers, and directors.