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BMKT 161

Research guide for BMKT 161 Environmental Scan

Regulatory Research

"Regulation consists of restrictions that municipal, provincial, and federal laws place on business with regard to its activities. Regulation exists to protect companies as well as consumers." - Kerin, R., Edwards, G., Tibbo, G. (2005). Marketing: The core. McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Toronto. (p. 54).


  • In what municipality is the business I am researching operating? What are the regulations of that municipality?
  • What product/service is the business I am researching producing/seeling? What are the regulations that govern the production/sale of that product/service?
  • In what industry does the business I am researching belong? Does the industry self-regulate?

Associations & Organizations

Business/industry-related organizations and associations may have publications and information that discuss regulatory issues, including self-regulation. Here are a few examples:

TIP: Search Industry Canada's Canadian Company Capabilities Directory of Business and Trade Associations/Organizations to find appropriate organizations.

TIP: On the internet, search your industry name combined with the word 'association.' For example: home builders association