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Media Services

Media Interlibrary Loans

For Instructors

While we usually will buy films that instructors request, there are rare situations where we will borrow it from another library instead (usually if it's not available for purchase but another library has it, or if the purchased copy will not arrive in time for the desired show date). Please email if you would like us to borrow a film from elsewhere.

Note that we are only able to borrow from libraries that are part of BC ELN; thus, if the item in question is only available at a public library, we will not be able to borrow it.


For External Libraries

Please note the we are only able to ILL media items to libraries that are part of BC ELN. Additionally, approximately 25% of our DVDs/Blu-rays have licensing restrictions on them that prevent us from lending them to other institutions. If you would like to borrow one of our films, please email

More details can be found at BC ELN's website: