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TOUR 112: Marketing I

TOUR 112 Research Guide

Market and marketing research can be tough - you'll often find that there isn't a perfect ready-made report for you, so you'll need to piece together information from a variety of sources (academic and popular) to answer the questions posed in your assignment.

This guide can point you towards some good places to start looking for research. 

Search shortcuts for Tourism topics

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard symbol in the Discovery Search and other EBSCO databases (e.g. Hospitality & Tourism Complete, Business Source Ultimate). This is useful for capturing spelling variations and plural forms.


tour* captures tour, tours, tourism, tourisms, tourist, tourists, touristic

motivat* captures motivate, motivates, motivation, motivations

wom*n captures singular and plural forms (woman and women)

neighbo*r captures Canadian (neighbour) and US (neighbor) spellings

However, hospital* does not work well to capture hospitality topics because it will also capture medical hospital and hospitals.


Best Bets

Don't have time to explore the entire guide? Try the Best Bets below.

APA Citations

Visit the CapU Library's APA citation guide for more information on citations: