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Casual Reads - Paperbacks

CapU Library has a collection of paperbacks in our Casual Reads collection on the first floor. Browse for your new favourite! Lightweight and light-hearted (mostly). Take them on your out trip or field trip and bring them back when you're done!

Read Alouds for the Campfire

Campfire Stories

2nd floor

Call Number: E160 .C36 2018 
It's hardcover but it's small and pretty lightweight

Adventures in Solitude

2nd floor
Call Number: FC3845.D47 L39 2010
Local stories from Desolation Sound

Tales for late night bonfires: stories

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8613.R646 T35 2023
Curious, uncanny tales blending Indigenous oral storytelling and meticulous literary style.


1st floor 
Popular Books G
Mildly scary (it's for kids), great to read aloud

Midnight Storm Moonless Sky

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8637.O586 M53 2022
A wicked glimpse into the genre of Indigenous horror


2nd floor
Call Number: PS3566.A834 H373 1999
Classic in a paperback

Whistle at night and they will come. Volume 2 : Indigenous horror stories

2nd floor
Call Number: PR9199.4.S69855 W557 2023
Reveals ancient theories of the paranormal, post apocalyptic scenarios, impossible wells of grief, and monstrous phobias.

Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada

2nd floor
Call Number: GR580 .S6683 2018
Frighteningly fun collection reveals the supernatural side of Western Canada

Best Canadian Stories 2020

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8329 .N47 2020
Wide-ranging anthology 

Solo Reads: Short Stories, Essays & Land-based, Adventurous Reads

Braiding Sweetgrass

2nd floor or read online
Call Number: E98.P5 K56 2013
Kimmerer shares how "the awakening of a wider ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgment and celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world".

Turn Around Time

2nd floor
Call number: PS3557.U846 T87 2019
"That point in an adventure when you must cease heading out in order to have enough time to safely return to camp or home--regardless of whether you have reached your destination... a metaphor for where we find ourselves in the middle of our lives."--Provided by publisher.

Making Love with the Land: Essays

2nd floor

It's hardcover but it's small and pretty lightweight
"In a startling, heart-wrenching look at what it means to live as a queer Indigenous person "in the rupture" between identities... Whitehead illuminates this particular moment, in which both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are navigating new (and old) ideas about "the land."

The Hidden Life of Trees

2nd floor
Call Number: QK475 .W6413 2016
"A forester's fascinating stories, supported by the latest scientific research, reveal the extraordinary world of forests and illustrate how trees communicate and care for each other."

Wilderness Pleasures

2nd Floor
Call Number: GV191.7 .C343 2008
"Find out why “I Hate White Rabbits” works, etiquette for skinny dipping, and how to make the perfect bush martini"... as well "as an informative section on cool camp gadgets like how to make a beer can camp stove."

Moccasin Square Gardens

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8593.A5376 M63 2019
"Van Camp's most hilarious short story collection... also haunted by the lurking presence of the Wheetago, human-devouring monsters of legend that have returned due to global warming and the greed of humanity."

The Golden Spruce

2nd Floor
Call number: HV6405.C32 B75 2006
"The story of the cutting down of the Golden Spruce by Grant Hadwin – a man who made his living in the forest, but was compelled to destroy one of Haida Gwaii’s most sacred trees, in response to the industrial destruction of old growth forests."

Memory serves: Oratories

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8576.A722 A6 2015
"Collection of oratories delivered and performed over a twenty-year period... [that] touches on the importance of memory as a way to understand the culture of Indigenous people in Canada. Her oratories are philosophical, gutsy, and entrenched in personal and political history."

Take Us to Your Chief

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8589.A885 T34 2016
Classic science-fiction tropes in an Indigenous perspective

Dazed but Not Confused: :Tales of a Wilderness Wanderer

A collection of adventures (and misadventures) spent travelling in the wilderness

Elapultiek = We are looking towards

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8619.O856 W4 2019
Inspired by real-life species at risk work, each reveals a deeper complexity of connection to land and history

This Unlikely Soil

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8635.O874 T55 2022
The dense West-Coast landscape echoes the isolation experienced by these queer characters

Islands of Decolonial Love: Stories & Songs

2nd floor
Call Number: PS8637.I4865 I75 2015 c.3
Simpson's characters confront the often heartbreaking challenge of pairing the desire to live loving and observant lives with a constant struggle to simply survive the historical and ongoing injustices of racism and colonialism"--Provided by publisher.

First Nations Traditional Stories

Squamish People of the Sunset Coast

2nd Floor
Call Number: E99 .S7 W93 2005

People of the Land

2nd Floor
Call Number: E78.B9 P454 2009 

The Two Sisters

1st Floor Children's
Call Number: PZ7.J64 Tw 2016

Legends of Vancouver

2nd floor
Call Number: FC3847.36 .J64 1997

The Lil'wat World of Charlie Mack

2nd Floor
Call Number: E99.L4 K45 2010 

How the Robin Got Its Red Breast

1st Floor Children's
Call Number: E99.S258 H69 1993 c.2

Mayuk the Grizzly Bear

1st Floor Children's
Call Number: E99.S258 M39 1993

Salmon Boy

1st Floor Children's
Call Number: E99.S258 J65 1999

Legends and Teachings of Xeel's, the Creator

2nd Floor
Call Number: E99.S2 W494 2006

Kwakiutl Legends

2nd floor
Call Number: E99.K9 W34 1989

The Raven Steals the Light

2nd Floor
Call Number: E99.H2 R45 1996 

Read, Listen, Tell

2nd Floor
Call Number: PS8235.I6 R43 2017