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Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management

How Can I Use Books, Encyclopedias and Media?


For your Tourism Management assignments, you may need to use books or encyclopedias for background research, or to support your ideas and analyses. Remember that you may not always need to read the entire book - sometimes, just one or two chapters will give you all the information you need.


eBooks are exactly the same as hard copy books in terms of content and the way you would use them, but the difference is you can access them online! If you do a catalogue search in the box below or from the library's main website, your results will automatically include eBooks. We actually have more eBooks at CapU than we do hard copy!


The CapU Library also has many DVDs, including documentaries, many of which relate to tourism. When you search the CapU Library catalogue using the box below, or from the main Library website, you will automatically get DVDs in your search results. Films can give you great information for your assignments, but always check with your instructor before using them as an official source.

Search Discovery

Discovery is the Library's one-search experience. Find articles, books, films, music and more!

Search shortcuts for Tourism topics

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard symbol in the Discovery Search and other EBSCO databases (e.g. Hospitality & Tourism Complete, Business Source Ultimate). This is useful for capturing spelling variations and plural forms.


tour* captures tour, tours, tourism, tourisms, tourist, tourists, touristic

motivat* captures motivate, motivates, motivation, motivations

wom*n captures singular and plural forms (woman and women)

neighbo*r captures Canadian (neighbour) and US (neighbor) spellings

However, hospital* does not work well to capture hospitality topics because it will also capture medical hospital and hospitals.


Browse the Shelves

General materials on tourism are shelved together in the G155 classification section. Additional material is found in various other groupings. To assist you in browsing the collection, try the following areas:

  • G 151 Travel
  • G 154 Travel agencies and clubs
  • G 155 General
  • GV 174 Recreation and leisure
  • HF 5823 Advertising. General works
  • HM 263 Public relations. Publicity. Propaganda
  • SB 481 Parks and public reservations. Ecotourism
  • TX 907 Hospitality industry. Hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc.
  • TX907.5 Hospitality industry. British Columbia
  • TX911 M27 Management hospitality industry