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Research Orientation: Start Your Research Here: Get Started

Some definitions, tips, and suggestions to help you get oriented to Library research.

Assignment Planning = Key to Success

PLAN the steps of your assignment in advance, making sure you have time to complete them all comfortably.

  1. Choose a Topic - it's trickier than you think! You may need to do some "presearch" to get the big picture.
  2. Plan a Search Strategy - a few minutes work can save many hours of headache.
  3. Start Researching
  4. Prepare an outline. Based on your initial findings, you may want to refine your topic.
  5. Go Deeper - More Research
  6. Write Your Assignment. Cite everything!
  7. Wait. Revise.
Student A had an assignment plan and stuck to it.       Student B waited until the last minute to start.

Assignment Planning Tutorial