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Online Research

Find out where to look - Google Scholar, Wikipedia and beyond, and what to look for when you're evaluating your results.

Bad Dog!

Including Resources of Dubious Credibility

Information from sites which you deem to be unauthoritative, un-credible, biased, or lacking in currency can still be used, as long as you explicitly state the reason for its inclusion, along with any doubts you have as to truthfulness, objectivity, etc.

A full citation is still required for these resources.

To use or not to use...

Before including a resource in your work, ask yourself:

  • Is it relevant to my approach to the topic?
  • Will it enhance my project?
  • Is it credible? If not, does it have some other value?
  • Is it available for my intended use? Does it have copyright restrictions that make it unavailable for use outside of school?