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Online Research

Find out where to look - Google Scholar, Wikipedia and beyond, and what to look for when you're evaluating your results.


Five Core Concepts of Media Literacy
(from the CML MediaLit Kit)

All media messages are constructed.

Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules.

Different people experience the same messages differently.

Media have embedded values and points of view.

Media messages are constructed to gain profit and/or power.

Who You Gonna Call?

If you're interested in debunking hoaxes, check out these online resoruces:

Who do you believe?

Review these sites with the criteria outlined on the EVALUATE tutorial page.

Which sites would you use in an assignment about global warming? How many pass the CRAAP test?

Hoax or Legit?

Which of these sites are real, and which ones are hoaxes, parodies or spoofs? What factors make you believe or disbelieve each site?

How many did you score right?