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KINE 261

Time Saving Strategy: Folders

Using the Folder Tool 

Most library databases will give you some option to 'save' results temporarily in a folder.

This is a bit like a shopping cart, but keep in mind that if your database session times out after you've stepped away for a bit, you will lose the items in your folder. The folder can be really helpful when you've done a search, and see several useful results that you want to read later. 

To add items to a folder: 

  1. On your results screen, click on the folder icon next to the title of sources. This appears on the right hand side. 
  2. The folder icon will light up yellow when an item has been added and is in your folder. 

See the gif below to see this in action: 


Emailing yourself the items in your folder

The email tool lets you email yourself citations, PDFs, and links to the articles you've found so you can read them later.

  1. Click on 'Folder View' to access your folder 
  2. Click on the email tool
  3. Fill in your email address (any email you use is fine)
  4. Select a citation style if you want to send a reference list citation for each item as well
  5. Click send

See the gif below to see this in action: