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CapilanoU x CityStudio

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CityStudio & Copyright

This is the Final Project Deliverables statement created by CityStudio. This page will walk you through what this statement might mean to you as a CityStudio student in the context of Canadian copyright.

Final Project Deliverables text

"Joint ownership of project deliverables"

As the creator of the project deliverable, you are the first owner of copyright.

Copyright is the legal right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform a work. Your project deliverable is a "work" as defined by the Canadian Copyright Act because it is fixed (i.e. as soon as you hit "save" on your computer, your work is fixed) and original.

Copyright can be held by more than one person or group. When it comes to copyright, joint ownership means your CityStudio partner also has the right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform the project deliverable.

You will continue to own your copyright even after you complete your studies at CapU. (In fact, the Copyright Act says you will own copyright until 50 years after your death.) This means that you are free to share, build upon, adapt, or publish your creation - "having complete and unfettered access to using the project deliverables without limitation"

"Give full credit"

Giving credit can look different depending on your context. At its core is recognizing the contributions of others.

In an academic setting, providing a citation for a source is one way of giving credit.

In a professional setting, giving credit can take more varied forms. Check with professionals and professional organizations to learn about the standards in your field.