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BADM 101

Consumer/Demographic Research

"Demographics: Description of a population according to characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, income, and occupation." - Kerin, R., Edwards, G., Tibbo, G. (2005). Marketing: The core. McGraw-Hill Ryerson; Toronto. (p. 54).


  • What do I want to know about the consumer?
  • Where does the consumer live?
  • What is the demographic make-up of the area in which the consumer and/or business resides?
  • Who is attracted to the business/product/service I am researching?


Visit CapU library's Consumer Research guide for more demographic research resources and tips.

Consumer Demographics: Location

What is the location of your market?

The geography of the market is based on the way in which Statistics Canada collects its statistics.
The geographic areas include (terms taken from the 2016 Census Dictionary):

Consumer Demographics

Consumer Expenditure & Income