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Indigenous Resources


It is very important to learn to pronounce the names of Nations, places and people correctly.  Below are a few pronunciation guides that will assist with this.  As Bob Joseph states "“Do I get credit for trying?” No, because people in every culture are sensitive about how their names are pronounced so please make the effort to get  the pronunciation correct because by doing so shows respect. It is also an acknowledgement of the connection between name, land and identity."

Indigenous Languages

 Many Indigenous languages are considered endangered, but Indigenous language champions are helping the next generation learn this integral element of culture. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Article 13 states Indigenous people have the right to revitalize their languages. Part of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation calls to action also require support for Indigenous language revitalization.

Indigenous Languages: Web Resources
Original Voices - CBC Indigenous
Indigenous Languages Guide from UBC 
Circle of Indigenous Languages from University of Saskatchewan
First Nations Languages of B.C. 
Endangered Languages of Canada 
What You Need To Know About Indigenous Language Revitalization 
Statistics Canada Study: Aboriginal languages and selected vitality indicators, 2011
First Voices resources to support Indigenous language archiving and teaching
First Peoples Language Map (BC)