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KINE 231 Library Tutorial

This guide is intended to support students taking Donna Perry's KINE 231 course.


Completing this tutorial will help you find and understand relevant primary research articles for your Reviewing and Critiquing Research in Sport Psychology assignment.

To complete the tutorial and earn 6 points towards your assignment, make sure to complete the quiz at the end of the tutorial! 

How to use this guide

You can move through the guide two ways:

  • Use the links listed below to find answers to specific questions you have related to doing research, or
  • use the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen to go through each page

Some of the content will likely be review for you. If you feel 100% confident in your understanding of a particular topic, you can skim or skip a page. 

When you feel confident with all the topics on this guide, complete the research quiz to earn up to 6 points towards your assignment!