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Too many results? Narrow your search.

To narrow and better target your results, use:

at least 3-4 keywords; they should be different concepts, not synonyms.

safe-injection, Vancouver > safe injection sites, Vancouver, benefits

more specific keywords.

safe-injection sites, Insite, economic benefits

the limiters on the left.

Limit by date, item type, subjects, geography and more.

“quotation marks” around phrases where you want an exact match.

safe-injection sites > "safe-injection sites"

use the drop-down menus to search by specific fields.

Search for your most important keywords in the title or abstract fields.


Too few results? Expand your search.

To expand your results, use:

fewer keywords.

video games, violence, teenagers, Canada > video games, violence, teenagers

broader keywords.

video games > media, teenagers > children

synonyms with OR between.

"video games" OR "computer games", teenagers OR adolescents

an asterisk (*) at the end of the word root to match all possible endings.

"video game*", child*, teen*

a different database.

Maybe the information you're looking for isn't indexed in Discovery. Use the Continue Your Search links on the right side of the results page