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Discovery at CapU Library

What is Discovery?

Discovery offers a comprehensive search experience across the majority of CapU Library's collections and subscriptions, including:

  • books
  • ebooks
  • journal articles
  • magazine articles
  • news articles
  • reports
  • music
  • video

Discovery has tools to make your research easier, including:

  • save/email/share by item or by search
  • limit by subject, resources type, date, geography and more
  • search by title, author, publication title, subject and more

Where am I searching?

At minimum, the system matches your search terms to the item's description, but sometimes it can search the full text. These include:

  • Title of article or book
  • Title of journal
  • Publisher
  • Author
  • Abstract/Notes
  • Subjects/author-supplied keywords
  • Full text of most articles
  • Table of Contents of many books/ebooks

Discovery searches for ALL the words you enter.

There is no need to use "AND" between your keywords, the system does this automatically.

Where doesn't Discovery go?

These CapU Library subscriptions are not fully available through Discovery and should be searched separately: