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POL 100

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The links on this page are a guide to the vast amount of information available to you. Make sure to always evaluate your sources before using them. 


Books and Websites

No matter what type of resource you use, always evaluate the source to make sure it is appropriate for your assignment. Visit the Evaluate Sources page for more information:

Evaluate Sources Page

On this page

Explore the sections below to find: 

  1. Books and eBooks
  2. Websites

Books and eBooks

Use the Library's Discovery search below (or on the homepage of the library website) to find books by selecting 'Limit to Books & Media' 

Learn more about Discovery with these video tutorials:


Academic Books:

If you are wondering whether a book is academic, check the publishing information to see if it has been published by a University.


Websites can often be helpful when you are looking for government or organization information.  It is important to evaluate your sources so take extra time with websites.

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