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POL 100

Format Matters

Types of Resources

Information comes in many different formats and each type of resource has different uses:

Resource Type Details
Books and eBooks Thorough overview of a topic, good for background information and details. Your textbook is an example. 
Journal Articles Sometimes called academic or scholarly articles. Report on new research findings, critical analyses, and new ideas. Helpful for in-depth information on a topic. 
Newspaper and Magazines Short articles written for the general public. Often contain the most up-to-date information on a particular topic.
Websites Websites can contain any information. Remember that anyone can create and upload information to a website, so always evaluate websites to make sure they are reliable and acceptable for your assignment. 
Government Websites Specific information, news, and statistics about a particular country. Look at the URL of a website to see if it is a government site, for example Canadian government websites have; UK is; China is 

Always evaluate a resource to make sure it is appropriate for your assignment.