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Performing Arts (BPA)

Breakout Activity

Skim the resources from the list below and consider their value to a paper on Marina Abramovic. You don't need to read the whole resource - just enough to get a sense of the authors approach to the topic and what kind of information is probably inside. Think about and discuss these questions for each:

  • How would this help you understand a Marina Abramovic installation? Here are some ideas you could apply to the resources below:
    • background or overview or the artist and/or work
    • in-depth analysis of the artist and/or work
    • In-depth discussion of the concepts represented in the work
    • general public viewpoint about the artist and/or work
    • art world viewpoint about the artist and/or work
    • the artist's viewpoint about the piece
    • insight into the artist's intentions, process, history
    • art-specific definition of terms and concepts
  • Would you include this resource as a supporting document for your paper in this course
  • Would this resource be considered “academic”?

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