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TOUR 371: Applied Service Mgmt in N.A.

Information on finding academic journal articles and citing sources in APA style.

Once you feel comfortable using the Basic Search Strategies (page), the advanced tips below will help you find even better results.

1. Search by Journal Title

Use the 'Select a Field (optional)' drop down menu to select 'SO Journal Title/Source' to search for keywords in the Journal/Source.

This options helps you: 

  1. Search for articles in a specific journal (use the full journal title in quotation marks)
  2. Search for journals with a specific keyword in the title (ie. tourism)


Demonstrating drop down menu to choose journal title search

2. Search by Subject Term

After you've completed a search, you'll notice each search result has 'Subject Terms' listed underneath. These are tagged subjects added to resources to tell you what the resource is about. 

Use a subject term as an additional search term by choosing 'SU Subject Terms' in the 'Select a Field (optional)' drop down menu.

Demonstration of where to find subject terms

Demonstrating drop down menu to choose subject terms as search field

3. Citation Chaining

Once you have found a helpful article, citation chaining can lead you to additional articles on the same topic. 

Forward citation chaining: Find more recent articles on the same topic by finding articles that cite your original article. 

  • Can help you make sure you are using the most up-to-date information on a topic
  • Articles published in the last few years might be too new to have a forward chain. 

Backward citation chaining: Look at the citations of your original article to find the articles 

  • Can lead you to theories or classic articles on a topic
  • Articles will be older than your original article

Google Scholar is a great resource for forward citation chaining. Search for your original article and click on the 'Cited by' button under the abstract. 

Note: If does CapU Library does not have an article you've found through backwards or forwards citation chaining, you can access the article through an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Fill out the ILL form below and we will find the article at another library and email it to you. 

Once you've found a helpful article, use Google Scholar to find newer articles that cite your original article by clicking on 'Cited by'.