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Federal government website

For a quick introduction to the Canadian federal government, see topics like House of Commons in The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Directory information

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Tools to locate federal government documents

How to find annual reports

Annual reports are a great source of information on government activity. There can be annual reports for

  • acts (Canada Health Act)
  • offices (Office of the Correctional Investigator)
  • councils (The Canadian Judicial Council)
  • tribunals (Canadian Human Rights Tribunal)
  • departments (Bank of Canada)
  • commissions (Indian Claims Commission)
  • agreements (The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement)
  • boards (National Energy Board)

To find Canadian government annual reports, search for name of the government department in the Title field of the Government of Canada Publications website followed by ‘annual report’, ie, Bank of Canada Annual Report.

In the search results look for a record that is in electronic format (i.e., Format: Electronic) and that has an open issue date (i.e., Issue: 1996/1997 --)

In the Publication Type field click on 'Browse Issue Records' to bring up a list of the annual reports by date. Click on a title link and you’ll find a record with a downloadable PDF file.

How to find statistics and census publications (part 1)

You can use the 'Departmental Catalogue Number' field on the  Government of Canada Publications website to find Statistics Canada publications (i.e., 81-582 will retrieve records with links to PDF files of the series "Education Indicators in Canada").

Statistics Canada search tools (part 2)

Government legislation

These are links to sites that describe and track the legislative process.

Library of Parliament Research Publications

The LoP produces excellent briefing documents on timely topics. The Library of Parliament Research Publications site includes:

Access to information

Government spending