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MOPA 104: Find Company Information & Services

Mine the company website.

For very small companies, one of the few places to find information is their own website. Some key locations to review:

  • About - history, founding personnel, founding & guiding principles
  • Press Releases/Media - how does this company portray itself to the media?
  • Team/Personnel/Executive/Talent - names of people you can research
  • Partners - studio affiliations, independent talent affiliations
  • Product - what are their titles? Do they specialize in one genre or format?

What is a directory?

"A list of people, companies, institutions, organizations, etc., in alphabetical or classified order, providing contact information (names, addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc.) and other pertinent details brief format," - ODLIS

Use company directories to identify companies within industries, and to learn more about the companies such as locations, histories, and employees, officers, and directors.


Company Research

Support Services Directories - Film Industry

Support Services Directories - General