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CMNS 133 VFX and Animation

Company Information

What do you want to find out about your company?


  • What have they made?
  • What is their creative reputation?
  • Who is their audience?
  • How diversified* are they?


  • Where are their office(s)/ studio(s)?
  • Where do they distribute?
  • Do employees work on site, at home or a mix?


  • Who works there?
  • What are their titles?
  • How are they organized?


  • What are their stated mission/vision/values?
  • What is their actual character?
  • Do they maintain values?

Business Model

  • How do they make money? 
  • Are they growing?
  • Are they financially OK?


  • How big are their budgets?
  • Where is their funding coming from?
  • Is their business model sustainable?


  • Who do they work with - which companies, countries, suppliers?


  • What tools to they use to tell stories?

Work Culture

  • What is it like to work there?
  • Are they supportive of people like you?

*diversified = do they make one kind of product (e.g. animated television shows for adult audiences) or many kinds of content (TV, feature films, games, kids programming, etc.)

Other Guides of Interest

Manuals, Handbooks, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias