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ASTR 106 and 142

Astronomy 106 and 142

Get Started with Library Research for ASTR106 & ASTR142 Students

This guide provides steps to help you get started with library research for your Astronomy term project.

How to get started with your project (even if you aren't sure about your idea).

  1. Know your topic, even if it's only a couple of words.
  2. Search at the library using "Discovery"
  3. Look for books and articles that make sense for you.
    • Books often provide more general explanation, where journal articles are more specialized.
    • Read the abstract first to decide if it's worth reading the whole thing.
  4. Start your reading with 1-3 book chapters or articles, and make note of ideas that you could try in a new search.
  5. Drop-in or schedule time to meet with a librarian for help with your assignment. See: More Support page in this guide.

Search Using "Discovery"

"Discovery" is the name of the CapU Library's search website (you might also hear it called an "online catalogue"). Using Discovery will search most of the books, articles, and media available for students and faculty through the CapU Library. It's a great place to start your research at the library!

Use the search box below to get started (this is the same as the search box on the Library's homepage).