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Copyright for Animation

Would using music for demo reels be considered as commercial use? If not, would it fall under fair dealing for educational purposes?

Best answer:

It would fall under educational purposes if created by a student, but not if created and used in a professional portfolio. However, as long as the demo reel does no profit, it is usually okay to use music.

More information:

Using open source music is always going to be safer than using copyrighted music without permission. Remember, you'll be showing your demo reel to people who probably own copyrights. It's important to show them that you understand intellectual property concepts, and won't be getting into trouble by using IP illegally.

As long as you aren't making money off the video specifically, you can use the music under fair dealing with attribution to the original creator.

as long as its not monetary benefiting from advertisements.

Not for commercial use. It is for educational purpose and to show the work and not music.