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Copyright for Animation

What prevents someone from Trademarking "&" or another similarly used word/symbol- and then making a claim of misuses/infringement if used in any context?

How much does it cost to trademark something?

Best Answer:

Trademarks are expensive and tricky to do but are not impossible. Most of these common symbols are used so widely that its near impossible to source its creation, who decided that symbol meant something, and what manufacturer used it first. It depends in the "&" example whether the trademark would be under the person who designed it, the programmer who created the typeface version, or the manufacturer to put it on keyboards.

More Information:

You can't trademark certain things, like other people's names and common symbols. You can create a distinct logo with a symbol, and that can be trademarked. 

Trademark currently costs $336.60 plus any service fees, if you decide to get help from a trademark agent