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Copyright for Animation

How is it that copyright can be continued/renewed after a creators death? Disney is a great example, as Walt Disney has been dead well after the the 50 year mark.  

Best Answer:

Before the 50-year term finishes, they should trademark it.

More information:

In the US, the rule is 95 years after the creation of the item, not the death of the creator. Some Disney material is coming into the public domain (e.g. Steamboat Willie) as they hit their 95th "birthday". 

Once the creator is dead, their copyright passes to their heirs. As a copyright owner, you can leave your copyrights in your will to whomever you want.  


Other student answers:

Someone is assigned the owner of the company after death, a second in command if you will. They then own the rights to that franchise and have legal rights to how it is dealt with.

continue producing work under the copyright.