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WGST 100

Researching Media Related Topics

Hello and Welcome to the WGST 100 Research Guide. Below are two videos that will provide you with skills for researching topics related to women's and gender studies and media.


Exploring DISCOVERY the Library's main search tool

Discovery is the Library's main search tool.  When you use it, you are searching across over 100 databases which is why some of the items that come back may seem unrelated to your topic.  Remember to use a variety of keywords to see what kinds of results you might get.

Searching Communications and Mass Media Complete

Although the Library's main search interface, Discovery, is an excellent tool; it is sometimes helpful to use one specific subject based database. The video below will give you instruction on a database called Communications and Mass Media Complete that would be helpful for your media analysis assignment for WGST 100. 

This video was made for a sociology course but it is relevant to your assignment and the skills learned are the same.I invite you to explore other Women's and Gender's Studies databases for resources on your topic.

Communications and Mass Media Complete