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MOPA 416

Research sources designed to guide a new filmmaker in finding employment and learning about their industry.

Library Class Slides

Company Websites

  • Check for key information in the categories covered in class (see the slides for details), and read between the lines
  • Start a list of keywords to use for a media scan: names of people, alternate names for the company, partners, locations to match to local news sources (e.g. Eagle Vision = Winnipeg = Winnipeg Free Press).
  • Dig deep - click on all the links.
  • Note the structure of the site - what do they make it easy to find? What's more difficult to uncover?
  • What are they proud of?


Financials & Annual Reports

Public companies in Canada and the US are required by law to file copies of their key official documents, like annual reports and audited financial statements, with a central repository.

TIP: Look for the MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis) in annual reports. MD&As will provide "information to the reader that management believes is useful in understanding the company’s operating results, cash flows, and financial condition" (Full Disclosure Background, 2006).