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IDES 141

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Go to either General History - eBooks OR Great Websites.

  2. Pick ONE resource to review as a group.

  3. Assign roles - reader/discussion lead, note-taker/reporter, timekeeper

  4. After 10 min of review, report back to the class about your chosen resource.


Keep in mind the criteria you discussed earlier: 

  • The resource has a named author that I can look up.

  • The resource is written by an expert in this topic.

  • The resource is accurate.

  • The resource has a lot of interesting details about the topic.

  • The resource is well-organized and easy to read,

  • Someone is responsible for making sure the resource doesn't contain incorrect or misleading information.

  • The resource allows for diverse voices (representing different ethnicities, social groups, economic groups, gender expressions, sexual orientations, etc.) to add to the discussion about the topic.


Also: how is this resource different from the encyclopedias you looked at earlier?