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Costuming for Stage and Screen

Search Tips

Looking for history?

It helps to think about all the names that are given to that era before you start searching. Reading a short encyclopedia entry about the period can be helpful.

16th century England, Tudor England, Renaissance England, etc.

1920's USA, 1920's America, 1920's United States, Roaring 20's, Art Deco America, Art Deco United States, etc.

Search Discovery

Discovery is the Library's one-search experience. Find articles, books, films, music and more!

Indigenous Clothing & Textile Resources

Suggested Subject Searches

The Library has a large collection of books and eBooks on costume design. Below are a few examples of subjects you can search by to find these resources:

These are only a few groups of resources - try a keyword search for more specific research.

costume [country] - e.g. costume peru

costume [time period] - e.g. costume "18th century"

costume [gender] [time period] - e.g. costume women "18th century"

Also, try replacing costume with dress or fashion.

fashion "18th century"

dress men "17th century"