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BIOL 214

Search Tips for Discovery

Discovery is where you search the CapU Library. You can start your search at the library's homepage

To improve your search results in Discovery, use:

  • two or three search terms that represent the main aspects of your research. 
  • “quotation marks” around phrases where you want an exact match. (Example: "cell membrane" instead of cell membrane)
  • use the limiters to filter your results (Example: limit by year of publication, or limit to only scholarly articles)

If you aren't finding good results, try additional new search terms. They may need to be more specific, less specific, or synonyms.

  • beet is more specific than vegetable
  • beet is less specific than "sugar beet"
  • use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to truncate: beet* will search for beet and beetroot

Not all search terms are well represented in the literature of your field, so look at your textbook or other articles on your topic and search for additional search term possibilities there.