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Assignment Planning

Explore the Depths

Research, Round 2

Now that you have a thesis statement and a better idea of exactly what you're looking for, plus the vocabulary you need to find it, it's time to GO DEEPER:

  • Return to the databases you used in your initial research, but try the ADVANCED search tool.
  • Mix and match your search terms.
  • Find articles that match or come close to your topic, then look at the SUBJECT terms attached. Add these to your search list.
  • Mine the bibliographies of the books/articles you've found for other books/articles on your topic.
  • Use Google Scholar to find out who the experts in the area are - look at the "Cited by" numbers: higher number=more authority. Find articles by these experts.
  • Look for the missing pieces - use your outline to determine if there are gaps in your research or places that your argument needs support.
  • Take notes directly into your outline - match what you find to your established argument.