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Rehabilitation Assistant

Welcome to the Rehabilitation Assistant Research Guide!

This guide is intended as a starting point and resource as you begin research assignments for RADP. Use the tabs to the left to navigate to different pages. 

On this page, you can get help with the following question:

How do I start my assignment?

Make Sure you Understand Your Assignment

Read the assignment guidelines your instructor has provided carefully. These instructions will likely be posted to eLearn. Make note of the following:

  • Have you been assigned a topic or are you being asked to choose a topic?
  • Are there smaller assignments you need to complete as part of a larger one? 
  • What kind of information sources do you need to read?
  • What citation style do you need to use? 
  • Is there a page limit for your assignment? 
  • When is it due? 

Break your Assignment into Steps

What do you have to do to successfully complete this assignment? How long will each step take you?

Make a list of the tasks you need to accomplish. Set a schedule to finish each task. Put the schedule into your calendar.

Try using an assignment calculator to help you break your assignment into steps and set a schedule for yourself: