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Public Administration - Local Government

A starting point for public administration and local government research.

Books and Academic Articles

Start by searching the library website for resources like books, government documents, and reports, and searching databases for academic and popular articles.

What does peer-reviewed mean?

Peer-reviewed is the highest level of academic or scholarly publishing. The quality of the articles is maintained through a review process conducted by experts prior to publication. Not all academic journals are peer-reviewed, but all peer-reviewed journals are academic.

Articles submitted to a refereed or peer-reviewed journal are examined by one or more people with expertise in the field with which the article deals. This process gives the scholartic community assurance that the information in the article is credible and original. Some disciplines require peer-reviewed status more than others.

How can I tell if a journal is scholarly or not?

Best Databases

Search for full text articles, reports, book chapters and more in CapU Library Databases. Connect to the database and enter keywords that represent your topic. If the full text isn't available, click on the Connect to Full Text  button to find the item, or to request a copy of the item.

Featured Books & Reports