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Copyright for Animation

Submitted Questions and Answers

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Continuing Education Ideas

Here are your classmates' ideas for ongoing copyright education!

How can we better educate ourselves to avoid unintentional copyright issues? ie. accidentally committing copyright infractions

I think in an age where we are producing and consuming a lot of media entertainment online, it should be taught earlier. Whether you're an artist or not, everyone should know how to avoid copyright infractions. I think it could easily fit into a high school government course.

Keep up to date on Copyright rules, especially in the everchanging landscape of AI generated content. Also avoid believing any secondhand information on copyright laws as people tend to share misinformation they've heard elsewhere without fact checking.

keep up with changes in copyright, such as the rulings of copyright in ai if ure confused research the topic or ask someone who knows better safe and sorry, best to not use content u do not know the copyright for

Doing research and educating others before doing something that might infringe on these issues.

make sure to look up the law before creating artwork

ask a professional

Read about your country's copyright law's as well American Copyright due to heavy online presence.

A) Hire lawyer B) Tear down the system

First of all, ask for permission when possible, check the permissions the creator has listed, try to make sure you're using things that are open source or fair use. Be extra careful and ask if you are unsure if what you are using or modifying is abideable by the law. If you're REALLY unsure, just don't do it.

Pay attention to the source copyright information before you use it.

Be aware of what you are creating, and research the topic/company. If what you are creating is non-profit, and copyrighted products are in use, be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Search online for restrictions and who owns it. Attend seminars related to the topic. Read terms and conditions when getting a license.