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Psyc 100 & 101: Dianne Crisp

Appropriate Uses of ChatGPT

You may use an AI tool like ChatGPT without breaching academic integrity in the following ways: 

To come up with keywords to use to find library sources 

When you're doing library research, you may use generated AI to help you come up with search terms (keywords) to help you find sources in a library database. This is a fairly safe use of generative AI, though your instructor may ask that you inform them of all the ways you used ChatGPT. 

If your instructor allowed it and you use it exactly as approved 

You will have to ensure that you use only the AI tool that was approved AND you also have to ensure you only use it in the way it is allowed.

For example, if your instructor says that you can ask ChatGPT to come up with five arguments for and five against the use of IQ tests, but that you then must discuss them critically yourself using sources you found through the CapU library's databases, you are only allowed to ask ChatGPT for the arguments. You would NOT be allowed to ask ChatGPT to discuss the arguments it came up with.

We suggest that you include an acknowledgment of how you used the AI, including your prompt(s) and the generated output with your assignment. You also need to properly cite the output ChatGPT created, and the resources you found in the library as well. 

As a study aid to prepare for exams

Generative AI can generate quizzes and questions that you can use to practice and prepare for exams. However, you cannot upload content your instructor created without their consent as otherwise you may be infringing on copyright. So, before uploading any course materials you MUST ask your instructor if you can do so. 

As a study aid to improve your understanding

You may ask generative AI to explain concepts and theories that you are having a hard time understanding in plain language or in different ways. Note that you must evaluate the generated content for accuracy and that you cannot use it in your assignment, unless you have permission from your instructor to do so.

As an example to use for critical discussion

You may use AI generated output if your instructor permitted you to use it to discuss it critically. For example, if your instructor asked you to critique ChatGPT's explanation of one of the key concepts you learned in class, then you would be permitted to prompt ChatGPT to provide an explanation of a key concept, and include the output in your work to discuss it's accuracy, nuance etc. You should still include an acknowledgement of how you used the AI tool and a citation for the output.

If you are using generated images, audio files and/or codes, check if your AI tool mentions any use or copyright restrictions on the works it creates. 

Citing AI

If you are permitted to use generative AI (e.g. ChatGPT) in your assignment, make sure to follow the instructions on how exactly you can use it and to acknowledge its use. We highly recommend that you include the following information when using AI generated content in your work:

  • Written acknowledgment of the generative AI tool used and for what purpose
  • The prompt(s) used to generate the content
  • A note about your modifications Include the original output with your submission
  • In-text citation and bibliographic citation

To learn how to cite AI in APA style, visit the following guides: