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Psyc 101: Aman Bassi Fall 2022

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Activity: Original Research or Not?

At your tables: 

  • Everyone opens the Original Research or Not tutorial
  • Appoint 1 person to record the group's answers (fill in the tutorial form)
  • Discuss as a group whether you think each article is an original research article
  • Have the recorder fill in your group's answers

The recorder is not doing the work for the group! The answers they enter should be based on what your group decides together. 

Activity: Search & Share

  • Individually, search for articles on a topic you're interested in exploring further. This is for practice so it's OK if you change your mind later! 
  • Find an original research (empirical) article in PsycInfo & PsycArticles that relates to your topic. Use the methodology filter to help you narrow your search to original research articles. 
  • Once you've found an article you're interested in reading, email it to yourself using the email tool. 
  • Finally,  post the permalink and title to the class padlet 

Activity: Scholarly Video or Not?


In your groups, for each video:

  • Decide whether you want to evaluate the 2 videos about music or the 2 videos about happiness 
  • Look at the description for each video. Is it clear who the speaker is? If so, try to find out more about them using Google. Are they an academic expert?
  • Check to see who posted the video - click the channel name for more information. 
  • Discuss as a group whether you think each video counts as scholarly 
Topic: Musical Tastes
Video 1: Are musical tastes cultural or hardwired in the brain?
Video 2: Your personality shapes your musical tastes
Topic: Success and Happiness 
Video 3:  Work hard and be patient | Best motivational video for success and happiness
Video 4: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Happiness