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Psyc 101: Aman Bassi Fall 2022

Finding "Scholarly Videos"

Your assignment asks you to find "scholarly videos from a credible source." To determine whether or not you can use a video you've found, consider:

  • Who is the author or speaker in the video? Are they an expert in psychology?
    • Try Googling their name to find out if they teach the topic they're discussing in the video at a university or if they work as a professional psychologist or researcher. 
    • You can search for their name in the library's Discovery search to see if they've published any articles or books 
  • What organization or publisher posted the video? Is the video from a university or other education institution? 
    • In Youtube, you can look at the channel name for clues. Click on the channel and read the About information to find out more. 
    • If you've found the video on a web page, look for an about page to find out information about the organization that posted the video. 

Google search tips: 

Click on the videos tab to limit your results to videos.

Then, use the site: search command to limit your search to just 1 website. cognition Searches UBC's entire website for the word cognition cognition Searches only within (UBC's Department of Psychology) for the word cognition happiness Searches Stanford's entire website for the word happiness

You will need to find the first part of a website's address to use this command. Not sure? Google an education institution to find them first.  

Suggested Video Resources

University YouTube channels: 

These are a just a few - you should feel free to explore videos from other Universities as well!

Aman suggests TED. You can also check to see if you have access to the sites listed here.

Or, search the CapU Library using the Discovery search, then limit your search to Videos using the filters on the left-hand side of your results screen.  

A screenshot from a Library Discovery search. Under the section called "Limit To" a box is checked off next to the word "Video." To the right, you can see the search result "Science of Happiness" in blue text. Underneath the text there is an image icon of a film strip and a DVD with the words "video recording" underneath it.