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FYS 130: Home

Suggested Resources

Each of the pages in this guide represent a type of resource you might find useful in researching historical artifacts. 

Key Links to the Library

AskAway Chat Help for Research

Discovery Search Tips

Start broad – choose one or two keywords. Add more to narrow or refine your search.

Give the system options - use the rows for different keywords, increase your findings with OR between synonyms. Make sure you capitalized OR, or it doesn’t work.

Consider alternative keywords – don’t get stuck using the same keywords over and over. Try synonyms, with or without OR between.

Specific, exact text – use “quotation marks” to limit the search to finding exactly what you put inside. Beware of incorrect spelling.

Use the filters – choose the format (books, academic articles) that best suits your need.

Go to Google, too – there are some resources that aren’t available in Discovery, like special collections. Go to Google or the FYS 130 Research Guide to access websites.