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Talis Aspire: Course Materials & Reading List Service

Step 1: Create your list

  1. From the Talis Aspire website, click on My Lists.
  2. Click the Create new list button.
  3. Name your list (for example, "ENGL100-03: University Writing Strategies").
  4. Click Select Hierarchy and link your list to the matching course. For example, search "ENGL100" and select it. If the course is not listed, link the list to your department node (e.g., "English").
  5. Select the term in which the course will be offered.

Step 2: Install the Reading Lists Bookmarking tool(s)

Option A: Install the web browser extension by clicking either of these links in the appropriate browser: 

To install in Safari, use Option B.

Option B: Install the Bookmarklet Button

  1. On the My Bookmarks page on the Talis Aspire website, click the Install Bookmark Button.
  2. Follow the instructions to drag the button to your browser tool bar.
  3. Right click the button and choose Edit to rename it something that resonates with you and your workflow.

Step 3: Add resources to your list

From Discovery (Library search)

  1. Go to the Library home page ( From the home page search box (Discovery), search for an item that you would like to add to your list.
  2. Click on the item title from the results list - you need to be on the item record to add the item to your list.
  3. Click the extension or button in your browser toolbar and it will open the bookmarking window.  Add any relevant additional information to supplement what is automatically pulled from the page.
  4. Click Create and add to list, then select the list you would like the resource added to. Note: You can also click Create, which saves the item for later use in your general My Bookmarks list.
  5. Add any note you think would be helpful for your students.
  6. Set the importance of the item – Required or Recommended.
  7. Add any Library requests for this item* – e.g. place a physical copy on Reserve, purchase a book we don’t currently own, enquire about number of simultaneous users on a eBook.
  8. Click OK.

From the web:

  1. Navigate to the webpage/online document that you want to add to your list.
  2. Click the button in your browser toolbar or the Talis Aspire browser extension and it will open the bookmarking window. 
  3. Add any relevant additional information to supplement what is automatically pulled from the page.
  4. Follow steps 4-8 above.

Add an item manually:

  1. From your list in Talis Aspire, click Add Resource.
  2. Go through the steps to manually input information about the item and its URL.
  3. Follow steps 4-8 above. 

Step 4: Organize Your List

These steps are optional but can improve the usability of your lists.

  • Add sections to divide your list into distinct segments (by weeks? by importance? Your eLearn course organization should dictate your choice of sections). This will allow for optimal integration into eLearn.
    1. Click Add Section and give the section a name.
    2. Drag your resources to their appropriate sections.
  • If you haven't already done it in the creation stage, add:
    • key citation information
    • notes to students
    • notes to the library (Reserves, Recommend a Purchase)
  • Add paragraphs - content alerts or other guides as necessary

Step 5: Publish Your LIst

Once you are finished adding items to your list, you can publish from the Talis Aspire site.

Option A: Publish – your list is immediately viewable to anyone in the system, with the link or within eLearn (after integration).

Option B: Review & Publish - sends a request to library employees to review the items on your list to make sure they are available and accurate.*

Step 6: Add the list to eLearn

Add by Section for best viewing results.