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Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management: TOUR 312: Marketing II

Media planning assignment

You've been asked to use two databases for this assignment, Vividata Target Snapshot and CARDonline. This guide will take you through some basic searches for these two tools


See Vividata - How to use under Find Industry and Market Research tab in this guide.

Citing CARDonline

Treat a CARDonline entry as a webpage and follow the APA guidelines. If there is a date provided, include it. Otherwise, use n.d. to indicate no date.

CARDonline. (n.d.). Go riding ATVing magazine. Retrieved from

(Don't forget to indent the second and subsequent lines!)


You'll need to go through the Library's list of databases to access CARDonline (or using the link in the box above). If you're off campus or on a laptop, you'll be asked to log in before you're taken to CARDonline.

Search using a keyword. In this example, I've used tourism, but depending on your market, you may want to consider using keywords that describe your target market, e.g. cycle. You can also specify the medium (digital, TV, etc.).

Once your search pulls up some results, you can use the filters on the left hand side to be more specific

For more information on a specific title, just click the title.

In most listings, you'll find a brief description of the title, contact information, issuance, advertising rates, mechanical specifications, and circulation information (only available if submitted by publication). Look on the upper right for the Print option.