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Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management: TOUR/REC 225: SME Entrepreneurship

Venture Assessment

As your assignment handout says, you will need to use a range of sources find your information. Start with the ones listed here, but you'll likely need to find ones specific to your tour venture.

Take a look at the VA1 and VA2 boxes below for information and Find Industry and Market Research tab for a list of places to start your search.

Assignment 1: Part C - Business Comparison

For Assignment 1, you'll need to use this database to find a business plan to compare to your entrepreneur from NPR's How I Built This.

This database is organized by year. To find a business plan, you'll need to click on a year and then skim for a business you're interested in. 

Citing Vividata

Use this template and replace the name (and year, if applicable) of the data set you are looking at:

Vividata. (2019). Diet/Health - Views - I indulge in my cravings for sweets. Retrieved from


Industry Research (group)

Start by brainstorming a list of relevant and larger industries for your tour idea. Using this list of industries, navigate through the NAICS structure to find the appropriate code(s). 

You may want to consider looking in these three branches to start:

  • 48 Transportation
  • 71 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
  • 72 Accommodation and Food Services

You can then use the NAICS code when searching in Business Source Complete to find reports and overviews specific to your industry.

In Business Source Complete, use the dropdown menu to select IC NAICS Code or Description:


The Competition (individual)

Use newspaper articles, industry association website, destination websites, and traveler's guides to find competitors. You'll need to be creative!


Brainstorm ways to describe your target market - are they teenagers? Retirees? Families? Enjoy water sports? Live in West Vancouver?

You may not be able to find market reports on every characteristic, but you should be able to find reports on some in databases and books. Tourism associations may have information on local markets.

Books of interest

Web resource of interest

Check out the links in the By Sector and PESTLE/TREES sections (under Find Industry and Market Research), as well as these resources: