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Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management

Market and marketing research

Market and marketing research can be tough - you'll find that quite often there isn't a perfect ready-made report for you, so you'll need to piece together information from a variety of sources (academic and popular) to answer the questions posed in your assignment.

This guide can point you towards some good places to start. 

Check out the tabs under Find Industry and Market Research for a list of places to search for information.

Who cares?

Where you look will depend on what you're marketing and who you're marketing to.

One way to figure out where to search is to ask "Who cares?"

  • What organizations would care about this market?
  • How would it benefit their organization to make information about the market publicly available? If it won't benefit them, they likely won't post it.

For example, tourism associations like the TIABC want to make information available to their members because it'll support their businesses; however, a small kayak touring company might not want to share information since it may give their competitors an advantage.

Other useful resources

Where to search: Library databases

In addition to searching Google for industry and consumer associations, don't forget the databases available through the library. You can access news articles, academic research, and some reports on markets and marketing.

Try searching for your product/service AND consumer AND tour*

Hint: the * is a wildcard symbol and when you search for tour*, you'll get tour, tours, tourist, tourism, and any variation on the root (tour).

I'd recommend starting with these databases:

Where to search: Google

Try finding an industry association specific to your marketing idea. If not, you may find information on these tourism association websites:

Look on Find Industry and Market Research - By sector page for more ideas