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Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management: TOUR/REC 111: Introduction - Theory and Practice

Evaluating sources

You are being evaluated on your selection of sources, so you should ensure that you're starting with high-quality ones. Some of the questions you'll want to ask are:

  • Who wrote or created this source? What expertise do they have on the topic?
  • Where did they find their information? Are there any sources or citations you can trace?
  • Is this source current? When was this information published or posted?
  • Why was this information posted? What bias might the author or creator have?

Writing help

Getting started

As a new student, you should take a look at the Find Industry and Market Research - By sector page in this guide. You might also find it helpful to look at Find Articles and News

Newspaper articles

The library has access to many online newspapers. Often, when you look at a newspaper's website, there is constantly changing content. If you use the library, you can have permanent access to articles.

Fake news sites can be difficult to spot. If you're not sure whether your article comes from a fake news source, see if you can find any information about it on a Google search and read the newspaper's "About" page. 


When looking for tourism information, you may want to consider searching for websites for relevant industry associations, tourism companies, destination marketing organizations, or other tourist groups.

Industry reports

While you can find some industry reports on tourism association websites, you should also search Business Source Complete, and use the checkbox "Industry Profiles" under Formats on the left hand side of your results list.

Not every topic will have an industry report - you may have to think about what broader or related topic yours fits under, e.g. if you're looking at kayak tours, you may have to consider recreational boating, canoeing, and watersports

You can also find industry reports in the IBISWorld database. Make sure that you'll looking at the Canadian industry reports (and not the American ones) by clicking the down arrow in the top bar

Academic peer-reviewed articles

Use the Discovery search on the Library homepage to find articles. Type in one or two keywords from your topic and hit search. Use the checkbox "Peer Reviewed (Scholarly) Articles to limit your results. This doesn't work perfectly every time, but it's pretty good.

Keep in mind that it takes time for academic journal articles to be published, so you may not be able to find anything on a tourism topic that is brand new!