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Psyc 100: Sarah Moore

Class Presentation

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Quick Links

Optional Activity: Scholarly, Peer-review articles

  • Test your knowledge by completing the Scholarly or not tutorial and looking at 2 different articles.
  • Answer the questions to determine whether each one is a scholarly, peer-reviewed article. 

Individual Activity: Search & Share

  • create a keyword list for your topic
  • search PsycInfo & PsycArticles for scholarly articles on your topic. Try experimenting with some of the search strategies demonstrated.
  • Email yourself any articles that seem relevant.
  • Finally, use the cite tool to copy an APA citation and add it with your name to the class Google Doc.

Group Activity: Cite it Right!

  • As a group, look at the citation at your table
  • Open up the APA Citation Guide to find 2 mistakes in your citation and then write out a corrected citation
  • Be prepared to share what you found with the class! 


Incorrect Citation 1: Dogs and the good life 

Aikaterini Merkouri, Taryn M. Graham, Marguerite Elizabeth O’Haire, Rebecca Purewal, & Carri Westgarth. (2022). Dogs and the Good Life: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Association Between the Dog–Owner Relationship and Owner Mental Wellbeing. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.


Incorrect Citation 2: Student-led Stress

OLLEFSON, M., KITE, B., MATUSZEWICZ, E., DORE, A., & HEISS, C. (2018). Effectiveness of Student-Led Stress Reduction Activities in the Undergraduate Classroom on Perceived Student Stress. College Student Journal, 52(4), 505–515.

Individual Activity: Citation Check

  • Go back to the Google doc and find your APA citation
  • Check the citation against examples in the APA Citation Guide
  • In the third column, write down any mistakes you find