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Psyc 100: Sarah Moore

Truncation and Wildcard

Truncation * 

The truncation symbol * is a search technique that expands your search to include any ending of a word. 

To use truncation, find the root of the word and put the truncation symbol * at the end.


  • child* = searches for child, children, childhood 

Wildcard #

The wildcard symbol # can be used to search words that have multiple spellings. Use the # symbol to replace a single letter in a word for which you want to find spelling variations.


  • wom#n = searches woman, women 
  • neighbo#r = searches neighbour, neighbor 

Proximity searching

Proximity searching is a way to search for two words you want to find near each other, in any order.

Example: childhood N5 depression = finds the word childhood within 5 words of the word depression