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Cite It!: Harvard Style

Want to know more about creating citations and references? The answers lie within this guide!

When Should I Cite?

Any time your work contains or refers to someone else's:

  • ideas
  • words
  • images
  • media
  • sounds

you need to include a citation.

In-line citations or foot/endnotes (depending on the assigned citation style) should be inserted at the point-of-use in your assignment and indicate that the information you just presented came from a source other than your own brain or common knowledge.

A Bibliography and/or Works Cited section should be included at the end of your assignment.


  • Lists all the outside works you read or considered for this assignment

Works Cited

  • Lists all the works you referred to with formal citations (in-line or foot/end notes) in the body of your assignment

There are hundreds of bibliographic styles, each with its own precise formatting. The most popular at CapU are MLA and APA.

When in Doubt - ASK!

If you have any questions about citations or academic integrity that are not answered on these pages, be sure to ask for clarification from:

Plagiarism is a serious concern and not tolerated.